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Statutory holidays for Canadians

Since September 2019, I’ve been the cleanest-designed authority on Canada’s stat holidays: helping working-class canucks sleep in, return stuff to the mall, drive to Peterborough, or whatever else you might do on a 3-day weekend.

Inspired by my time at the Government Digital Service (ie, a demonstrated user need for holidays), I built a little demo app as part of a technical exploration for a project with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Initially a Java + React containerized microservice-y thing (still up!), I later decided to re-tool and release it for real. Microservices are a great solution to problems I didn’t encounter, so I combined the API and UI together into a zippy little Node app that serves JSON && HTML with minimal faff and major SEO (on some search engines ). is a small but instructive example of a soup-to-nuts modern web app. It was quick to build, fast to release, it auto-deploys on merge, it’s hella accessible, it’s iterated based on user feedback, and it doesn’t solve problems it doesn’t have. Currently it’s #4 on Bing dot com (sometimes #3), so it might be coming soon to an Edge browser near you.

If you have issues with the font rhythm, take it up with Tyler Benning.